The 21 Day Detox program is designed to help you:

*eliminate toxins from your body
*decongest your liver
*eliminate bloating
*provide you with increased energy and a newfound mental clarity

*regulate your bowel movements

All while establishing a better relationship you have with food.


So if you are ready to...
*detoxify your liver
*decrease bloating

*eliminate sugar cravings

*increase your energy levels

*improve your mental clarity and focus
*lose weight and

*feel better overall...

then this is the program for you!


The 21 Day Detox includes:
a fully detailed protocol with explanations as to why certain foods are eliminated and an easy to follow food guide;

list of recommended supplements that are optional to the protocol;

tips for successful implementation; and

recipes for breakfast, lunch/dinners, snacks and even beverages!


BONUS: Access to Monika Eva's Community via Facebook where you will be coached by Monika Eva and provided with motivation, encouragement and support to ensure your success!


Are you ready to #LiveYourBestLife?

The 21 Day Detox: Your Companion To Better Health