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Why Have a Nutritional Consultation?

People have a nutritional consultation for various reasons. Some simply want the opportunity to undergo a diet  review to ensure they are eating correctly and to avoid illness. Other people have medical problems or are suffering from various symptoms that they believe can be alleviated by making nutritional changes to their diet. Other common reasons for undergoing a nutritional consultation include a desire to lose weight, digestive issues, skin complaints, low energy levels/lethargy, stress, hormonal imbalances, fertility issues, low immunity, blood sugar imbalances, or simply a desire to be healthier.

At your first consultation session with Monika, she will ask you a series of comprehensive questions that will focus on all aspects of your diet and lifestyle, medical history, any medication you are taking, current health concerns, and your goals. She may also ask you to keep a food and drink journal for anywhere between three days and one week, documenting everything you eat and drink during that time.

Once Monika has a full and complete picture of your current nutritional, physical and emotional situation, she will develop a customized nutritional and lifestyle plan for you to follow. This plan will be specifically tailored to your needs to help your body restore balance and bring you closer to your goals.


Monika will make recommendations for all meals and snacks, and provide information highlighting which foods you should be eating more of, and which foods you should avoid, and why. If deemed necessary, Monika may also make recommendations for dietary supplements  she feels would be of benefit to you. These could include vitamins, minerals, fibre, herbs, fatty acids, or amino acids. 

This plan will be presented to you at your second session, which typically occurs within a week. Monika will work with you to create a strategy for successful implementation of her recommendations. 

A follow up session is highly recommended and should occur within 2 to 3 weeks from when you first begin implementing your customized plan. Monika will assess your progress and may propose adjustments to your plan as well as provide you with next steps.

Hot Tip!

To get the most out of your nutritional consultation, be as frank and honest as you can. The more complete a picture Monika can get of your diet and lifestyle, the more tailored and helpful a regime she can develop for you.

Wondering if this is the right approach for you? Let me answer your questions about what it will look like working together.

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Cancellation Policy:

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for all changes or cancellations to your appointment. The time you book for your appointment is yours exclusively. If you are late for your appointment, the time missed will not be added on to the end of your appointment. You will be charged the full amount for your appointment if you change or cancel with less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. 


Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence.


All parts are interconnected.

T. Collin Campbell